Goodgame farmer forum

goodgame farmer forum

Ѽ Wir suchen wieder Mods Ѽ Falls ihr Lust habt, beim Big Farm Forenteam dabeizusein, schaut einfach hier vorbei:  ‎ Neueste Diskussionen · ‎ Offizielle Ankündigungen · ‎ Spielhilfen und FAQ. Du bist Farmer auf Deinem Bauernhof in Goodgame Big Farm. Erobere das aufregende Landleben und kümmer Forum. Immer im Spiel bleiben. Zum Forum. Möchtest Du wissen wie Du Big Farm auf einem mobilen Gerät spielen kannst? KLICK HIER! Offizielle Ankündigungen. Hier findet ihr die neuesten Updates und. And then only one question you 'll remember this one: Hi, I used to play goodgame farmer. Just because this is a "Farm" game, that does not mean this game is the reason being. Guys, pls enjoy this game and learn how 2 try something new and even 4 a second, think positively! I know that some people are just rough, but I've also read treads where the people could discuss about it in a mature way, who 're closed. I miss those little boy and girl kids right now. Do you want to know how to play Big Farm on a mobile device?

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Play Goodgame Big Farm on Gametop Alle Kategorien Neueste Diskussionen Beste Inhalte Unbeantwortet Gruppen. Weltweite Meisterschaft, neue Pferdesaison und mehr. But in terms of events is big farm the best. Connect Support Community Blog. Because there's alot of stuff I want to get on my GGF is some black horses and those houses that has 2 chimneys on the roofs and the easter eggs house and those little easter eggs for my farm. U have complete authority 2 comment against this game but at least don't comment negatively in its own Forum despite GGF's Forum accessibility. Erobere das aufregende 55 spiele — mit Deinem eigenen Bauernhof bei Goodgame Big Goodgame farmer forum Ankündigung 7K Aufrufe 13 Kommentare 8 Punkte Aktuellster von Bailey I miss the good game farmer. U cannot expect a certain item, human being or a game 2 last forever now can u? Realistically, even if I had endless amounts of money, I wouldn't spend it all to finish quicker anyway because I'm playing the game at a moderate pace and I actually want it to last! There were no goals to work for, it was just lame clicking for nothing for me. Anmelden mit Bigfarm Community. Amycallie, I do understand you're not happy with the closure of Farmer, however being disrespectful towards other members on this forum will only see this thread end up closed, which is something I'm trying to avoid. Update - Bündnisdorf, Bündnis-Liga, Captain Yarnacle und die Pferdekoppel. Alle Kategorien Neueste Diskussionen Beste Inhalte Unbeantwortet Gruppen. goodgame farmer forum Post edited by zuperstrike2 on I have a really bad feelings that they are waiting for us to play. I was serious when I posted initially in this thread that respect is to be shown towards other members and GGS. Big Farm Hotfix - Hotfix und eine globale Entschädigung.



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